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XRP Reaches a 3-Month High as the Whales Continue to Store

Crypto wallets with digital asset holdings ranging from 100,000 to 1B have witnessed a significant rise in XRP tokens.

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Ripple XRP skyrockets

The recent bullish trend within the industry has pushed forward several assets. In this respect, XRP has surpassed a crucial psychological price level for the initial time since the start of August while whale wallets have been amassing at their peak. Particularly, the crypto wallets with asset holdings ranging from 100,000 to 1B have witnessed a rise in XRP tokens.

XRP Witnesses a 3-Month High with Whales Accumulating Continuously

The asset has touched 45.8% of the cumulative supply thereof. The respective figure denotes the highest level during the current year. The XRP Ledger’s crypto has surged beyond $0.68 in terms of value for the initial time since 2 August. A noteworthy thing is that the elevated market value and whale accumulation have occurred simultaneously with some other developments.

xrp price analysis chart

In this respect, the discussion rates concerning XRP have witnessed the biggest surge since July’s mid. The value of the crypto token has seen a 23% against the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin in just the previous week. Sentiment, a blockchain analytics company, has recently disclosed this on 6 November.

Top Crypto Assets Outperform the top cryptocurrency

On the other hand, Bitcoin has gone through a plunge of nearly fifty percent in terms of its market dominance. The respective slump took place after its upsurge of almost fifty-one percent by October’s end. Similarly, the latest data anticipate a likely renewal of interest in altcoins. Moreover, fifty-five percent of the well-known crypto assets have outcompeted Bitcoin during the last 30 days.

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XRP’s price is indeed nearly $0.6932 at the current time. This signifies a spike of up to 1.7% in the recent twenty-four hours along with a profit of almost 21.08% throughout the past 7 days. In the previous month, the crypto asset has advanced by nearly 32.95%, as per the exclusive charts.

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