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Zodia, the Crypto Custody Platform Launched in Singapore

Zodia, backed by Standard Chartered, enters Singapore’s crypto market, offering custody services to bridge traditional finance and digital assets.

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Today, Zodia, a well-known cryptocurrency custodian backed by Standard Chartered has announced its launch in Singapore. This launch is going to bridge the local financial system of Singapore and the virtual asset firm. Zodia is commonly known as the crypto storage provider and is backed by Standard Chartered.

Zodia is launching its services in Singapore to ease the crypto community and financial institutions by providing them custody of digital assets. This exclusive news came into prominence on Tuesday (12th September, 2023). The company has established itself in Singapore by the name of ‘Zodia Custody (Singapore) Pvt. Ltd.’ Moreover, Zodia’s first CEO in Singapore is going to be Kai Kano, the former managing director of BitGo.

Is Crypto Custody Licensed in Singapore?

Crypto custody is not a valid and licensed activity in Singapore, therefore, Zodia will not be required to go through the licensing process. However, Zodia will make sure to be on the safe side, be in the pole position and be ready to be licensed when the time comes.

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Julian Sawyer, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Zodia Custody disclosed this launch in an interview and discussed the futuristic plans of Zodia Custody. He sees Zodia Custody at a global level, serving financial institutions with the integrated services of traditional finance and digital assets. Before this launch in Singapore, Zodia is offering its services in Luxembourg, Ireland, UK and soon to be operated in Japan as well.

Zodia Custody, a Giant Crypto Assets Custody Platform

Zodia is one of the biggest crypto assets platforms at the global level which offers unique custody solutions for cryptocurrencies. It gives the best solution for integrating the traditional financial system with digital assets in a secure and reliable way. Moreover, it is backed by Standard Chartered (STAN), operating in different countries and expanding day by day.

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